Nieuwe hoeden: De Harvest Collection

Nieuwe Collectie Yellow 108 : The Harvest Family Bij deze collectie zit ook de nieuwe “Harvest hat” . Deze mooie hoed met en ronde top is geïnspireerd op oude tijden. Op het boerenleven vroeger in Amerika, op de boeren die met hun huifkarren door het landschap reisden, op oude tradities en “simple living”. Deze hoeden […]

New: Vintage Inspired Sunglasses

LIMITED EDITION SUNGLASSES New in our webstore from Yellow 108 are these cool vintage inspired wooden sunglasses. All sunglasses are handmade from bamboo. A handmade wooden bamboo case is included.   Limited Edition We only have a few in our store as they are a limited edition! Yellow 108 is a hip and young brand […]

Trendy Yoga Wear from Urban Goddess

We all love yoga! But how difficult is it to find nice and trendy yoga wear! This yoga wear from the hip Dutch brand Urban Goddess does wonders for your figure due to the comfortable wide band around your waist. Because of the flexible bands, their yoga pants are as well very suitable for pregnant […]

New Fiji Fedoras!

Our favorite brand Yellow 108 just released the new Fiji models! This beautiful feminine fedora is now available with a bordeaux, blue, olive green and orange/brown ribbon. You can pre order them now in our webshop! They will arrive the beginning of June. Styling tip: wear them with a a cute maxu dress and sneakers […]

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