Mantra For Removing Negative Energy

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Meaning words:

Prana – vital life force and as well one of the forms of Prana

Apana – Great cleaner of our system, form of Prana. Downward moving force.

Sushumna – Channels for the Life Force

Hari / Har – Great creative infinity

Prana is the vital life force and Sushumna is the central channel of this force. Sushumna is the channel of energy flowing in the core of the spine and extending from the base of the spine to the eyebrow center (with an extension to the base of the nostrils). Sushumna is the center of the wheel of life.

Hari and Har are names of God.

This mantra is a very powerful healing device.

It helps for both physical and emotional healing.

As you use this mantra for healing, focus on your breathing and as you inhale, visualize that a force (vital energy) is purifying your entire body.

Apana is the eliminating force or the removal of Negative force or energy. Hari and Har are the names of the divine source of infinite energy, source of healing, some also say that the word Hari comes from Hara, which means remover, pain remover and negativity.

With Apana, visualize that all the pain and negativity and energy blockages within your body are being removed.  Visualize the air and energy circulating throughout your body, each cell of your being is healed and lluminated by Prana.

And when we get to the word Hari, smile and enjoy all the wonderful things the universe has to offer. That Hari has to offer.

Gerelateerde afbeeldingThe 5 vayus refer to the functioning of energy within our body (Prana, Apana Udana, Samana and Vyana). Prana is in constant motion within us and all living beings. Our actions, movements and feelings are a reflection that our prana is within us. The base of prana is in the upper part of our body, in the mouth, the throat, also refers to the fifth chakra VISHUDHI. Prana is with us from the day we are born until the day we die, but it is important to help the energy move with breathing exercises (pranayama) with awareness of inhalation, exhalation, retention of suspension.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor apana vayuIn practice, it is important to be very present with the breath, sending Prana energy to the pelvic floor until it is mixed with Apana (downward energy). The energy of Apana is the opposite of Prana.

The Apana function is to eliminate what the body does not need, including energy. It can be said that Apana conforms to the cleansing of the body. The energy of Apana resides in the lower body, below the navel, which is the space where the digestive system is located, which helps our body to be healthier and thus work better.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor chakrasApana is related to the first three MULADHARA, SWADHISTHANA and MANIPURA chakras.

Apana also works by force because it seeks union with prana through the central channel of our body, both energetic and physical, making opposing forces for it to rise and Apana to descend. In practice, it is important to raise awareness in Mula Bandha, so we activate Apana vayu.

The Sushmuna is the union of the two forces Prana and Apana in the pranic cavity creates tremendous heat in the navel chakra – not warm but mild heat. Combined energies are often described as energizing the sushmuna filament, which means that the sushmuna lights up like the filament of a light bulb suddenly connected to the power source.


Listen or sing along with this beautiful mantra and remove any negative energy from within and around you.



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