7-dAY RetrEAT WITH ayurveda & Yoga COURSE
Unique opportunity: follow classes from the  well known Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Harsh from India.


– taking a break from your busy life?

– you want to be inspired and learn new things that can have a huge impact on your health and well being?

– feeling fitter, more focused and balanced?

– learning to prevent you from becoming ill and making sure you are comfortable with yourself?

-you would like to better deal with stress and frustration?

Join our 7-day training Ayurveda & Yoga (TTC 50 hours) in Spain

Be inspired with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation

Date: Coming soon



Yoga Retreat with Ayurveda & Yoga Training

(50 hours) TTC Acknowledged by Yoga Alliance

Extensive 7-day Ayurvedic training with Yoga

by the well-known Ayurvedic doctor Dr.  Harsh

from India, including certificate

Stay in a beautiful location in southern Spain.

Combine new knowledge

with relaxing,  yoga & meditation sessions

and hikes in nature.

Extra workshop:

Dr. Harsh will give a special ayurvedic cooking workshop.


the use and power of essential oils and herbs.

 Yoga Retreat in Periana, Malaga, Andalusia

7 DAY Ayurveda & Yoga Course

 Dr. Harsh from Rishikesh will fly in from India to give this course




Limited availability. Note there is only room for a small group.

During this week you will stay in one of the most beautiful places in southern Spain.

Combine new knowledge with yoga, sun, mountains and healthy eating.

You will receive an extensive Ayurveda & Yoga course.


Anyone interested in health and yoga has at least heard about Ayurveda, but what exactly is Ayurveda? The word Ayurveda is a composition of the word āyus, meaning “life” or “life principle,” and the word veda, meaning “science,” or “knowledge.”

“Ayurveda” can thus be translated as “knowledge or science of life”.

Ayurveda dates back to the Vedic civilization some 5000 years ago, the first of which is written down to 3500 years BC. It is also said that Ayurveda and Yoga are as old as mankind itself.

It is believed that Ayurvedic medicine had a huge influnce on (Tibetan) Buddhist, Chinese, Greek and contemporary Western medicine.

The secret of Ayurveda can be found in the holistic approach and the knowledge of our unity with nature and its laws. But what is especially important is that Ayurveda tries to prevent becoming ill in the first place through an integrated lifestyle tuned in with your body type combining i.e. healthy eating, yoga, pranayama, kriyas, cleaning rituals, meditation, herbs, oils and spices.

Ayurveda is focused on finding the right balance & harmony between spirit, body, mind, people and environment.

Over time, Ayurveda has been strongly rooted in the daily life of the population of India. Young kids grow up with this ancient knowledge shared by their grandparents and parents. And research shows that for a lot of people  it has influenced their way of viewing and experiencing life and in a very positive way. For many people, Ayurveda has become a way of life both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of India today.

Ayurveda shows you the way to a life in balance – the basis for well-being, natural beauty and sustainable health.

The foundation of this wisdom is the knowledge of the unity of life. The knowledge that we are all interconnected.

While regular medicine generally focuses on treating disease, Ayurveda gives us the knowledge about preventing disease and removing the cause and not only the symptoms ( like Western medicine does) when illness does occur.

The principle in Ayurvedic teaching assumes that illnesses arise due to imbalance between spirit, body, mind, needs, desires and life fulfillment. For example, the balance can be disturbed by wrong food and / or wrong living and thinking.

While regular medicine generally focuses on treating disease, Ayurveda gives us the knowledge about preventing disease and removing the cause and not only the symptoms ( like Western medicine does) when illness does occur.

The principle in Ayurvedic teaching assumes that illnesses arise due to imbalance between spirit, body, mind, needs, desires and life fulfillment. For example, the balance can be disturbed by wrong food and / or wrong living and thinking.

Ayurveda is therefore focused on bringing balance back into your life.

Ayurvedic treatments are versatile. They are based on a well-founded experience, tailor-made and include naturopathy with more than 3,000 different types of plants and herbs, know different cleaning techniques (eg Panchakarma), and relaxation techniques (eg by oil massages) ) and combines all that with a spiritual yoga and meditation practice.


  • Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicine known to human civilization.
  • Ayurveda improves the quality of physical, mental and spiritual awareness.
  • Ayurveda is 100% natural, so no side effects from foreign chemicals.
  • Ayurveda is an holistic approach and  is focused on enhancing resistance and preventing disease

Officially recognized as scientific medicine

Ayurvedic medicine has been officially recognized as a scientific medicine by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Harsh – Ayurvedic Doctor from Rishikesh India

Who is Dr Harsh?

Dr. Harsh Agrawal – CMD, Vardan Ayurveda Nilayam

Dr. Harsh Agarwal

I (Ilse) have met Dr. Harsh Agarwal when I went to India for my Yoga Master training in Rishikesh, the yoga city of India.

Many people (among them a lot of my fellow yoga teachers) had consulted him and were very enthusiastic about his approach and rich knowledge about Ayurveda.

In the end, after the many recommendations, I also visited him. He runs a very successful practice together with his wife. He told me that a few years ago he also did a  few trainings in France and that he would go back this year to give the training again. I asked him if he wanted to come to Andalusia. And that’s how the idea for this special training has been created. Last year we did the first edition together. it was an amazing week!  The participants loved it and the week was sold out in no time. Everybody was really impressed with the heart warming personality of Dr. Harsh, hus funny Indian jokes and of course about his endless knowledge about Ayurveda.

We are very glad to see that there is so much interest in the power of Ayurveda! As the week last year filled up so quickly we decided to do the course this year twice.

More about dr. Harsh

Dr. Harsh comes from a family of doctors. His grandfather was already a very famous and respected Ayurvedacharya (Ayurvedic doctor) in the seventies. Dr. Harsh Agarwal is a qualified ayurvedic physician, graduated from the well-known Gurukul Kangri Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. He has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine for more than 10 years now.

He has a rich experience in the field of chronic disorders and their treatment through the Ayurveda flow. He is a pioneer in the medical brotherhood of Rishikesh and more than 20,000 patients from India and abroad have already benefited from his help.

Dr. Harsh is a very active participant in several medical and social initiatives, for example for Social Welfare Camps. He has actively contributed to International Ayurvedic exhibitions, symposia and health fairs and other activities of Shanti Kunj, who conducts clinical research into Ayurvedic medicine.

He has been involved with the well-known Divya Neerog Clinic in Rishikesh, where he helped more than 8 years in the treatment of chronic diseases.

He is an active member of the disaster management team. He has helped as a doctor during various natural disasters such as the Gujarat Earthquake and the Cloud Burst in Sri Naga.

Dr. Harsh is as well a Reiki Healer and a experienced yoga and meditation teacher.  He visited the Himalayas several times in the company of saints and great spiritual healers to learn Mantrosparsh, meditation and yoga-sadhanas.

At the beginning of 2012, Dr. Harsch together with his wife founded the Vardan Ayurveda Nilayam (VAN) practice. This practice is now one of Rishikesh’s most appreciated and best-visited Ayurvedic practices among both the local population and among international travelers. Dr. Harsh provides daily consultations, Ayurvedic courses and courses, he does Panch Karmad (detox treatments / detoxifying treatments), he knows everything about herbal remedies and guides people through spiritual healing.

What can you expect from our   Ayurveda & Yoga course?

Content of the Ayurveda & Yoga training

Day 1: Introduction Ayurveda & history and the basic principles of Ayurveda + yoga and meditation

Day 2: Anatomy & psychology. Philosophy Ayurveda. The 3 doshas and sub-doshas, srotas, dhatus, mala, agni) + yoga and meditation

Day 3 & 4: Prakriti: natural constitution + yoga and meditation

Diagnosis: focus on asking the right questions and pulse diagnosis + yoga and meditation

Day 5: Nutrition & diet, hygiene, Yogi Lifestyle. Meditation exercises in relation to dosha & prakriti.

Day 6, 7: Plant and herbal doctrine and prevention and treatment of various disorders + yoga and meditation

Diploma Ayurveda  & Yoga (TTC 50 uur)

At the end of the course you will receive the Ayurveda & Yoga (50 hours) certificate from the Dr. Harsh, VARDAN (Rishikesh, India) and the Viva La Vida Academy.

Yoga Alliance® 50 hour – International Recognized Certification

Our 50 hour Ayurveda and Yoga Course is registered with Yoga Alliance® USA. This is an international body which sets international standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive a certificate for 50 hours of Ayurveda & Yoga Training.

Certification with Yoga Alliance:

Our  course is recognised by Yoga Alliange as 50 Hour of continuing training for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT).


For Yoga Alliance RYT-200  or RYT-300/RYT-500 Registered Teachers : 50-hour CEU with Yoga Alliance


As part of the program we will focus on how you can feel more energetic and fit.

During this week we will do a number of practical exercises and techniques which you can easily integrate into your daily life.

You will  experience that by withdrawing yourself  for a some time from your busy life, that you can make more room for new insights and personal growth.


During this week you will learn some valuable life knowledge, you can reconnect to your body, and unite your body, soul and mind. And there is time to relax  fully in the beautiful nature.

Ayurveda training

Dr. Harsch will take you on a journey into the  world of Ayurveda. At the end of the week you go home with a lot of practical knowledge that you can apply directly at home.

Yoga & meditation sessions

During this week we also do a number of yoga and meditation sessions. We will pay a lot of attention to breathing, exercises and poses to gain more energy and to improve your overall well being, we will focus on reducing stress and give you some powerful relaxation exercises.


We will also do a really nice hiking route  in the beautiful surrounding area.

Indian cooking workshop

Dr. Harsh will also give a special cooking workshop where he tells more about Ayurveda in the kitchen. Together we make a delicious Indian meal.

Essential oils workshop

During this week you will also receive a special workshop on essential oils. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the power of essential oils.  These oils are restorative, protective, soothing and regenerating. Often they are also called the “life energy of nature”. They are the heart and soul of the plants. Essential oils are the aromatic liquids extracted from flowers, trees, carrots, shrubs and seeds. During this workshop you will learn more about the oils and the applications of a number of powerful oils

A day at the course

To give you an idea about our course:

We start the day with a beautiful hike in the area. During the walk we do some yoga and breathing exercises on top of the mountain. We enjoy together a tasteful and healthy breakfast on the beautiful terrace of and then start with our course.

At the beginning of the afternoon we do a number of practical exercises. After this, a tasty lunch is waiting for you.

After lunch we continue with the course. At the end of the afternoon there is a special cooking workshop. Dr. Harsh will show you the secrets of the Ayurvedic kitchen.

During the workshop we prepare a delicious healthy Indian meal together.

In the evening you can enjoy  a relaxing meditation.

Then we finish the day with a cup of delicious homemade tea from our chef Alejandro.



During this retreat we stay at one of the most beautiful spots in Andalusia.

We stay at ‘Cortijo Las Monjas’, This old cortijo (farm estate) is situated between Periana and Alfarnatejo in the north-east of Málaga Province.  The cortijo is about 600 meters above sea level.

Enjoying outstanding views over the mountains and valley below, this lovingly restored country estate is the ideal place for a course.

Cortijo Las Monjas is a farmhouse. The Farm and the  outbuildings are over three hundred years old.

The cortijo has been completely and sympathetically restored and divided up into really nice apartments and studios for two people to share with a bedroom with two twin beds, a bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen, and dining/living area with wood-burning fireplace, terrace or porch. Furthermore they have just renovated and created 2  additional spacious ensuite twin rooms.

The cortijo has a really nice big pool that is open all year around.

There is a beautiful garden with amazing views where will do part of our yoga sessions. The other sessions we will do in the beautiful recently built yoga shala of 100m2. The former stall has been transformed in this really amazing sacred yoga room with floor heating and high ceiling.

Enjoy the beautiful countryside with its extraordinary beauty, and mild climate.  Relax in the peaceful atmosphere, where you will be welcomed as one of the family.


For whom do we organize this retreat?

This retreat is suitable for anyone who wants to feel fitter, stronger and more balanced.

This week is in for everyone; man, woman, young and old. Would you like to enrich your knowledge, eat well, exercise, be in nature, enjoy the sun and relax? Then this week is definitely something for you!

This inspiring week is very interesting for people who work in regular/western medicine, such as GP’s, medical doctors and nurses. Especially because the focus is on an holistic approach and the prevention of illness.

This training is also recommended for health/ life coaches, energy workers and  of course this course is very useful for yoga teachers ( 50 hours Yoga Alliance), future yoga teachers and mindfulness trainers. This course is interesting for people who work in alternative medicine and who want to deepen their knowledge.


Small groups, personal attention

We work with small groups up to a max of 16 people. Therefore we can give personal attention to all our trainees. Each trainee has a personal mentor to guide them on their inward journey.

Read reviews of partipants of our retreats

This yoga retreat was for me one of the best weeks that I had in the last 5 years!

Yoga Retreat Spain

I will always remember this perfect combination of fun, activity, connectedness and health.  I felt  immediately at ease when I got to know the others during the first delicious lunch.

During the retreat  anyone could go heror his own way and at the same time there was also plenty to do.

Ilse-Marie arranges everything to the last detail.

The beautiful surrounding area is worth a visit in itself.
I can highly recommend this retreat to everyone!

Martine Dekker

I had a great time! What a beautiful location

I really loved the accommodation!  The buildings of the old cortijo have a lot of atmosphere and give you an intimate feeling. The  tropical gardens I liked a lot, because there were nice places everywhere to relax in the shade or in the sun.  And the views are really fantastic. The program was well balanced. You have the freedom to relax and do your own things while there was enough time with the group as well. During the yoga sessions  I liked it that it was quiet and that there was a lot of repetition so that you can learn the poses properly. Ilse has a nice voice to listen to.

The yoga session on the beach was also superb.  I found the food very tasty and nice to see Alejandro cook with so much passion. Tasty fresh vegetables and creative meals. It was great!


Susanne Dekker, Den Haag

For me staying with Viva la Vida was in one word FANTASTIC !!

Ilse-Marie and Jeroen are amazing, warm and lovely people. But I had as well a real connection with my fellow yoga-goers. Just escape from the rat-race where we all live in, and come to Andalusia to relax completely.

I returned reborn and completely zen to Belgium!

And not to forget, the super chef who makes these delicious & healthy meals!

Thank you lovely people that I could stay with you for these 5 days. It was really SUPER !!


Jolanda Verachtert-Brandsma

Fantastic location, magnificent views! What a tranquility

Yoga retreat Viva La Vida in Zuid-Spanje

Dear Ilse-Marie,

I really enjoyed your wonderful Viva la Vida Retreat.

What a stunning setting and magical serene place.

Thanks for your great yoga and meditation classes, that you adjusted perfectly to the level of the group. .The Yoga nidra session under the stars was WOW! Passionate.You have a lovely voice to listen to.

I really enjoyed your enthusiasm, the program with the special workshops and plenty of rest and space for yourself.

And of course the delicious and pure food prepared by Alessandro . And not to forget the personal approach of Jeroen.

Thank you all!.

I will definitely recommend your retreat to others!

Love Judith

Judith Thijssen

I would love to go back

I would love to go back!


An idyllic location, the program has a good balance between  group sessions and time for yourself.


Ilse has this ability to sense what the group needs and is able to create a fun and very relaxed atmosphere.


Ilse inspires absolutely!


Yoga sessions are also suitable for beginning yogis.

The environment is really beautiful, serene and peaceful.


Doing yoga on top of the mountain and overlooking the villages is really relaxing and soothing.


The most fun experience I found the yoga session on the beach.  The sense of freedom that you experience on this beautiful beach is really  special.


As well the tasty food and our relaxed outdoor eating sessions make a Viva La Vida yoga retreat a truly unique and beautiful experience.  I would definately book again!

Sisca Hoek, 40 uit Delft

This retreat is a beautiful gift to yourself

This retreat is a beautiful gift to yourself

You receive a very warm welcome when you arrive in the beautiful finca in this magical place close to Malaga.

The yoga and meditation sessions are take place in the open air, which gives you a great feeling of space and rest. The beautiful and loving Ilse-Marie connects all participants and elements of the retreat together.

Her passion and love for yoga makes her  a very passionate teacher, who has special attention for everyone.

Even in the food, prepared by Alejandro you taste power and energy.

I think back with very warm feelings to these wonderful, loving days. It was truely was amazing.

It was a great gift that vibrates at a soul level.

I said good bye with a grateful heart.


Good luck Ilse-Marie and thanks for everything.

See you next time.

Monique Schleicher

This yoga retreat has been on of my best decisions ever!

What did I enjoy those wonderful retreat days! I feel it in every fiber of my body and heart.

It has brought me so much. The environment, the people, the yoga, the atmosphere, the food … It’s like a dream! I will always cherish the experience. And it is reflected in my daily life back home. The retreat with Ilse-Marie is one of my best decisions ever.

You receive everything what’s promised, but it’s worth so much more! Ilse-Marie is a special and compassionate woman. She has a lot of joy, wisdom and knowledge that she shares with love.

The personal approach makes it really unique. Ilse-Marie feels what everyone needs. She is also part of the group while she still has this natural leadership. She has this gift to create an atmosphere in which totally different people feel at home straight away and connect. We did the amazing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises when possible outdoors in the beautiful tropical gardens, on the beach and in the  mountains. The environment is so magical with such a breathtaking views that you experience a constant feeling of happiness. The food is so delicious, full of flavor and pure. I want to return again !!

Liliane van den Heuvel, Amstelveen

Ilse-Marie is a very passionate yoga teacher!

I really had some wonderful days with Ilse-Marie. What a passionate yoga teacher! She is a wonderful hostess who pampers her guests and knows what they need. She inspired us all with plenty of suggestions for a life without stress. Thanks !!

Hester, 50 jaar uit Goes

Your personal attention and genuine interest in everyone makes it very special.

Yoga retreat review Spanje

“Viva La Vida” basically says it all .. .. 5 amazing days on a a great location in a beautiful setting.

The retreat is very diverse and has the perfect balance between yoga, meditation, workshops and relaxation.

This combined with the love, care, passion and personal attention that Ilse, Jeroen and Alejandro give you and you go back home with a big smile and full of positive energy!

What a great experience!

When  can I go back?

Tanja op den Kelder

I will definitely book again !

Yoga Retreat Spain

As an entrepreneur I am very busy.

I wanted to unwind and relax and I had great interest in yoga and meditation. And where can you better dive into yoga and meditation than under the Spanish sun?

This beautiful location felt directly as coming home.

A old cortijo has these beautiful charming  rooms, amazing gardens, and a lovely pool.

And what a setting; the best views of Andalusia!

The sessions Ilse-Marie were perfect for me. Through the devotion, personal attention and passion of Ilse-Marie I came quickly in the proper flow of yoga and meditation. But as well the delicious food, the beach visit, the relaxing in between sessions (book certainly a massage) make the retreat a must.

Anyone involved in this yoga retreat is doing it with so much with passion, that it makes the retreat really special and personal. Whether you are completely familiar with yoga or a beginner like me, after you returned from the retreat you are totally relaxed and you will love yoga and meditation.

I will definitely participate again!

Martha Delcliseur, 31 jaar.

Ilse-Marie has a very pleasant and relaxed way of teaching.

Yoga Retreat Spain

She has this calmness or peacefulness around her, while on the main time she is so passionate while teaching. She explains things clear and knows a lot to tell about the background of yoga. I often have pain in my back and neck and she has helped me with some practical exercises to reduce the pain. The yoga sessions outside with the sounds of nature were an unforgettable experience. I’m following yoga classes for several years, but learned a lot of valuable new things. I really like the way Ilse-Marie teaches yoga and I will definitely come back.

Jeanny Ruijters, Maastricht

I will never forget this yoga retreat!

From the first moment I had a great feeling about the email contact with Ilse. She and her husband Jeroen are really warm and enthusiastic people.

The location in Alfanatejo is idyllic, what a view! Just being in this place makes your mind quiet straight away.

The yoga sessions are a wonderful combination of Yin, Hatha Vinyassa, Kundalini and Ashtanga yoga. We had our yoga sessions not only in the beautiful gardens, but also on the beach and even on top of a mountain.

If you like vegetarian food, you’re in the right place.  Alejandro, the chef has a tremendous passion for the vegetarian cuisine.

Furthermore we had a couple of really special workshops from guest teachers.

I can really recommend this retreat!

Lidia Barberio, 38 jaar

The area is exceptionally beautiful; it starts with the road to the retreat. It makes you completely relaxed and let you escape from your busy life straight away.

The olive oil farm is a very nice Retreat location; intimate and yet plenty of room to chill and go your own way.

The peace and serenity in and around the location was beautiful . And with a car you can easily go to a lot of interesting places nearby.

The program is nicely balanced with room for your own initiative.Ilse knows very well what the needs of the group are and leaves room to whether or not to participate in an activity.

At first I was a bit worried that the yoga sessions would be too much (I was still very stiff haha) but after every session I felt so great. The yoga sessions were not too difficult, even though  I did not do yoga for a long time. The Meditations were great!

I need to like the voice of someone in order to be able to relax completely and to be able to meditate. I really liked the soothing voice of Ilse-Marie.

The silent walk was very nice (It felt a bit like coming home) and the yoga session in the mountains was also very special to me.

And not to forget the Yoga excursion to the beach: this was great! What a beautiful place; it gave me an immense feeling of freedom, vacation and relaxation.

Also the food was GREAT! I have some things home made again. Congratulations to Alejandro



This retreat has exceeded my expectations

It started with a nice contact with Ilse via whatapp and email. The warm welcome by Jeroen at the airport.

After that I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful nature, and authentic accommodation, the healthy but very tasty food, the great yoga sessions and the really nice people.

Ilse creates with her integrity and passion an atmosphere that makes people feel at ease straight away and that you want to open your heart.

There was a lot of fun, but tears were welcome as well.

The elements of the program are optional, which gives you a great sense of freedom. Therefore these 5 days really felt like a holiday.

Do not hesitate, just do it!

Fanneke Oomen

The group felt so familiar and at ease

For me it was the first time I have experienced such a retreat in this form and capacity. I can only say that I was very pleased. The group was amazing right from the start. Ilse and her husband have this wonderful ability to put you at ease instantly.

From Ilse, you get nothing but positive energy.

The most important thing I’ve learned is what really matters this life: Letting go and being in the now.

Ilse shows this through themed yoga & meditation sessions, beautiful workshops and excursions and a very special silent walk. You become  aware of what you do have instead of what you don’t have “Count your blessing.”

I will recommend everyone to experience this amazing retreat.

Ilse will give you amazing new insights in a nice and casual way.


I am very happy that I was able to experience all this as my first experience of retreat. I liked it so much that I have gone twice to their Viva La Vida Retreat.

Keywan Oveisiypur, Rotterdam

Viva La Vida: it says it all!

How amazing to live 5 days in a totally different, beautiful and peaceful environment.

The combination of yoga and meditation in such a beautiful environment was for me a totally new experience.

This feeling of peacefulness and rest was really special.

The combination of Ilse’s professional yoga sessions, the warmth and  care of Ilse and her husband Jeroen, the massage of Toni and the special surprise sessions

Ilse professional yoga classes with the proper care during the five days from her and her husband Jeroen, massage and even some surprising sessions made this 5 day Yoga retreat complete and unforgettable.

I will go back for sure!

Peggy Kleverlaan

Yoga with Ilse was such a refreshing experience!

She was very fluent in all the languages needed to conduct the class and was able to instruct different people according to their abilities in a way that didn’t disrupt the flow of the class. I am rather new at yoga, despite dabbling with it throughout university. Ilse was able to foresee potential problems I may face and gave very clear instructions on how to manage any potential obstacles in my practice. She made yoga so accessible to someone so stiff! It was also very nice that she led us through various asanas that I might not have tried on my own. The class progressed at a comfortable pace and before I knew it, I was attempting a shoulder stand! Many yoga classes in Singapore are rather large and you don’t get feedback on your own alignment. I really appreciate Ilse’s patience and her attention to each student. Thank you Ilse! I wish I could take more yoga lessons with you!

Nurhayati K., Singapore

This retreat is for me a very special memory..

About the Retreat location: great accommodation, clean and good beds in a beautiful setting, peaceful and quiet.The garden with palm trees with the hammocks is super!

I am looking back with very sweet memories!

Claudia Pastor

Wonderful! What an amazing experience

For me it was the first experience with yoga, meditation, Andalusia and Ilse. Just to say it in one word: amazing!

It is difficult to describe in words what happened there, not only with me but with everyone.

Ilse knows how to give her guests the warmest welcome. She has this beautiful location. The wonderful chef  Alejandro who makes delicious healthy meals.  His love and passion for cooking is obvious and you really taste this!.

The program is very diverse and very fascinating. If you combine this with the enthusiasm and humor of Ilse and even the most sceptic beginning yogi starts to develop a passion for yoga. After 5 days I was hooked:)

The different styles of yoga and meditation techniques that you learn make the program very special and creates something for everyone. Whether you are doing yoga for years or an absolute beginner like me.

There is such a loving and relaxed atmosphere, that you just really want to come back and book another retreat with Ilse.

Joleen Heymeijer

Yoga in nature, what a lovely experience!

Ilse is a very good teacher with a lot of passion and love for yoga. She can also easily adjust exercises for beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners. Each yoga session lasts an hour and a half which is a big plus because there’s plenty of time for relaxation. I have become quite a yoga fan by Ilse and started to do yoga daily. 

An dehandschutter, Spanje

After 5 days I came back full of energy and recharged

Viva La Vida Yoga Retreat Spain

The great location in the Andalusian mountains, the lovely group, super tasty food and nice yoga and meditation classes  of Ilse gave me a huge energy boost.

As a beginner, I have learned a lot in one week. Ilse has inspired me!  Since I’m back home I start everyday with a few sun salutations and I started regular classes.

Ilse created a very special atmosphere where people felt safe and relaxed. I’m sure I will  book next year again.



Sonja Theuws

The massage was a very special experience for me


Dear Ilse,

What a great time did we have!

With you,Alejandro and our nice fellow retreaters.

Toni’s massage was for me a very special experience. She knew to find my sensitive spots.

in April we have had some cold nights  with thick blankets.  But I enjoyed the old farm with the nice wood fire, the gardens with the beautiful views, the yoga sessions, healthy food and the commitment of everyone.

There was literally and figuratively space to go, let go or keep something for yourself.



Cora Aafjes

When I get the chance I will go back again!

This retreat is like a very special present for yourself, Everything was really well organized.

The meals are vegetarian / vegan, but if you think it makes it boring, you are wrong! We got served these huge colorful and flavorful meals. Alejandro the chef prepared this everyday with so much love!

We did the Yoga sessions on beautiful spots in the natural surroundings of southern Spain.

Ilse-Marie creates a new themed session every time which offers a lot of variety. You learn a lot of yoga poses in a short time.

Furthermore you will learn many ways to relax.

It is the perfect way to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle!  The music used is wonderful and hugely relaxing. You will notice that Ilse-Marie with her warm personality, love, care and personal attention does everything to make sure your week is perfect!

The retreat is very inspiring and makes you feel like you’ve been gone for a month!

As soon as I get the chance, I go again!

Sandrine Kwast

It was my first experience with a yoga retreat but it was unforgettable!

Yoga in Spanje

The days in Alfarnatejo have had a very positive influence on my life.  It gave me a calm mind, relaxation and new energy, but this retreat brought me many new insights as well.  I am very grateful for what Ilse-Marie and her team have done!

Every aspect of this retreat is just right; the preparation and warm welcome, the great location and beautiful surroundings, amazing yoga and meditation sessions, the delicious food of Alejandro. Very special was the personal and professional approach of Ilse-Marie and the natural way she guides the group and the attention she has for you as an individual.

Everything is full of energy, love and vitality.

As often with special experiences, it is difficult to explain to someone else what makes it so special.

I can only say go experience it for yourself!

Renate Hogers

Wonderful relaxing days in a beautiful setting.

Wonderful relaxing days in a beautiful setting.

Lots of variety of yoga, meditation and other activities, but as well enough time to relax. I gave me a peaceful mind when I was in between 2 jobs. I was completely rested and energized when I returned home.
Ilse does everything with such a passion and fun. This makes it an experience that I can definitely recommend to anyone ( for beginning and advanced yogis). For everyone that wants to enjoy the magical serene surroundings. I had such a relaxed days in this beautiful setting.

Anouk Reintjens, 39 jaar Amsterdam

Surrounded with the best care, healthy and surprising food and staying in a breathtaking place

For all those who wish to submerge themselves into yoga and meditation, while being surrounded by mighty mountains, beautiful nature staying in an authentic and idyllic location, this yoga retreat with Ilse from Viva La Vida is an absolute must!

The program is varied but leaves plenty of room for personal interpretation or just to do nothing and relax completely.

Ilse yoga classes are  really nice and long with a good combination of flow and relaxing moments.

I’ll definitely come back again!

Karlien Heremans, Antwerpen
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More information about the week

This trip includes:

  • 7 days of inspiration
  • 6 nights
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • Extensive 7-day Ayurveda & Yoga training (with certificate)
  • Workshop Ayurveda in the kitchen
  • Essential oils workshop
  • Walks in the area
  • 1 healthy welcome cocktail
  • 6 x breakfast
  • 7 x lunch
  • 6 x a delicious vegetarian dinner
  • Unlimited water, tea and fruit
  • Free wifi

Reservation and payments:

To reserve your spot we ask you to pay a  deposit of 200 euros. The rest you can pay 4 weeks before the training begins.

If you like to pay in parts, that is possible as well. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Costs of the training

Tuition cost for the intensive training (including VAT and Training Manual) – 890 euro

Costs for the accommodation & food

Both dates we will stay in a beautiful authentic finca. They both have a really beautiful space to do you inside and outside and they both have a big pool to do yoga.

You will stay in a shared twin room. You share a room with one other student from the same gender (two single beds).

If you want to have your own room you can pay an additional fee of 200 euro.

You will have three delicious organic meals daily and you can use all the retreat centre facilities.

Price for 7 days for the accommodation and food and use of all facilities is: 495 euro shared twin room and 695 for a single room.

Total costs training & stay:

Shared twin room:

Training including the accommodation, training, syllabus, food and the bonus workshops is 1385,- euro (890 training and 495 euro for the accommodation and  food)

Single room:

The additional charge for a private single room is 200 euro. Training including the accommodation, training, syllabus, food and the bonus workshops and a single room is 1585,- euro per student.

BOOK FOR 4- 10 JUNE 2019 BOOK FOR 11- 17 JUNE 2019


  • Flight ticket Málaga.
  • A travel or cancellation insurance.
  • Additional activities, personal expenses.
  • Transfer to and from the finca. The shared transfer is 25 euro per person per ride.

Important details

The shared transfer will leave the airport on the starting day around 12:30 PM.  The costs is 25 euro per person per ride. If you arrive after this time we can arrange for you a private transfer. Costs will be around 80 euros for a private transfer.

Checking in is possible from 13:30. We will start with a lunch and introduction.

The check out on the last day is around 12:00. The transfer leaves around 12:00 back to the airport (for a small additional charge the driver can drop you off in Malaga)

You can buy a cheap flight via Transavia, Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling. Best to book two single tickets.


Are you interested in this course?

Would you like to join our course?

But you would like to have some more information?

You can always contact Ilse-Marie Sobering via WhatsApp (see button on this page right) or via Telephone: +31614900730 (Ilse-Marie).

You can also send us an email via info@vivalavidalifestyle.com or leave us a message via the form below

Warm regards,

Jeroen en Ilse-Marie and the rest of the Viva La Vida Team.


Viva La Vida

Who created Viva La Vida? We are a Dutch family who decided 5 years ago, to go on an adventure in the beautiful Andalusia. We first planned to go for a year, but we enjoyed it so much that we decided to stay here for a longer period.

We, Jeroen and Ilse-Marie, and our two daughters Elise-Sophie and Ana Rosa, have found a pretty old cortijo in an incredibly beautiful area.

We are very enthusiastic about the area and like to share it with other people. We organize yoga retreats, courses and yoga & walking holidays all year round at the most beautiful places in Andalusia. We really enjoy to create a special program for you. We try to give our retreats and courses something extra. We bring you to beautiful places and organisespecial activities, hikes and workshops.


Ilse-Marie Sobering - Yoga and Meditation Teacher 500RYT 

Together with Jeroen Ruijters the Founders of Viva La Vida and an experienced E-200RYT + 500RYT Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach

Ilse-Marie Sobering - Yoga Teacher 500 RYT

Ilse-Marie did several teacher trainings. The advanced 300 hour course she did in an Ashram in India. She is skilled in various yoga styles and over the years has created her own style by mixing various styles of yoga. She is teaching Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Flow, Kundalini en Hatha yoga. She is an experienced meditation and pranayama teacher. Furthermore she is skilled in QiGong and energy work.  She gives classes and courses in three languages ​​to beginners, advanced students, seniors and children. She is organizing international retreats and courses, gives (master) classes and workshops.

Ilse has a great passion for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and healthy nutrition. Yoga & meditation had a big impact on her own life. Ilse-Marie: "I live a lot more in the present moment, I can handle stress better and I enjoy the small things in life a lot more. Yoga is for me this still point is this fast changing world.

I have also realized what is important to me and how I can make a positive contribution in my own way. Teaching gives me a lot of energy and I think it's great to see what positive effect it has on people.

It is beautiful to share your knowledge with others and to do what you really love.

Jeroen Ruijters - Life Coach/Trainer and Hiking Guide

Jeroen, together with Ilse-Marie, arranges everything around the Viva La Vida retreats, courses and trainings. In addition, he followed the Sports, Economics and Communication course, where you are trained to organize sporting events and trips, and he has studied psychology and life coaching.

He is a passionate hiker and organizes Hiking & Yoga Retreats throughout the year, taking people to the most beautiful places in southern Spain. In addition, Jeroen is lifestyle coach / trainer and together with Michiel and Ilse-Marie he organizes special personal development weeks. This week he will be around and take you on a beautiful hike.

Jeroen Ruijters Viva La Vida Wandel En Yoga Vakanties

Dr. Harsh - Ayuvedic Doctor

During this special week we work with Dr. Harsh who will especially  come from India for this course. We are very happy that he wants to give this course. He has an incredible knowledge. See more info about him above.

Alejandro Perez, Chef and Inspirator

Our Spanish chef Alejandro has been a regular team member for a quite some years now since our first Viva La Vida Retreat. He always surprises our participants with his great cooking skills. The products he uses are as organic as possible and come from local farmers.

Alejandro specializes in healthy cuisine and prefers to cook vegetarian or vegan. He finds it a great challenge to show people how to cook tastefully and super healthy without adding meat, fish or dairy products. He can also explain to you which products give you energy and which products help you to relax.

kook workshop yoga retreat spanje