SOME REVIEWS OF OUR TTC 200 Courses in Spain

Review Viva La Vida TTC 200
TTc 200 Review Spain
Dear Jane and Ilse,
Oh how I miss you, your classes and the mountains, but I left you full of energy and idea’s, I started a new life and am ready to start up a new business.
I could not have wished for better teachers, you are Yin and Yang together and your TTC is so outbalanced and full of all information, inspiration and training a “yoga teacher to be” need, probably even more! 
I feel I have grown so much, as a person, a mom a friend and a teacher.
It is a real special journey that you created for your students. Your passion, joy and love for yoga as yogi’s is what it makes a full on experience in life. 
The moment of arrival at the location I already felt at home as you guys created this wonderful environment to arrive in and then Almu, Alejandro, Lauren, Tiziana and Danielle the whole team added their own specialties to make the TTC what it is, amazing!
Sound Journeys, the Finca, the food, other yoga teacher experiences you all share all your knowledge with your students to give them all they need to know and more!
Thank you, it is been a life changing journey, it is amazing I still feel it and it will never leave me!! I hope we will meet again soon, on the mat, in the Shala or just for coffee, but that RYT300 in 2021 is already in my mind and visualizations! for now Namaste!
Until we meet again!

SOME REVIEWS OF OUR Yin Yoga TTC 50 Hour in Spain