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Come to our Yoga Alliance® certified Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Malaga, Spain

(Yoga Alliance® continuing education 50 hours)

Do you want to deepen your Yin Yoga practice?

Our Yin Yoga course is an inspiring Yoga Teacher Training.

During a week we teach you everything about Yin Yoga and the healing power of Yin Yoga.

You learn how you can guide others in Yin Yoga and how you can get the most out of  this Yoga form for yourself.

During our Yin course we will give you a good foundations to teach.

We discuss the history, philosophy both of the Indian way and the Taoist way.

You’ll learn everything about the meridians, chakras and the power of energy.

We will discuss anatomy of the physical body and of the energetic body.

We are looking at the various  the Yin poses, the use of props, difference in bodies, creating lessons and much more.

This course is suitable for both existing and future Yoga teachers who want to broaden their knowledge.

But this course is not only aimed at teachers. It is an interesting training for anyone who would like to know more about Yin Yoga.


Yoga Alliance® 50-hour TEACHER training in Spain


Thursday 8 – Wednesday 14 October 2020

Monday 16  – Sunday 22 November 2020



(FUTURE) Yoga TEACHERS, RYT-200, RYT-300, RYT-500,







Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Looking for an opportunity to take your Yoga practice and teaching to a deeper place? Than our Viva La Vida Yin training immersion is something for you!

This training comprehends an integral education in the practice of Holistic Yin Yoga, providing students in-depth knowledge of the human body, ranging from a fascia and nervous system perspective to a subtle energetic approach with meridian theory, allowing students to experience the different layers of the practice and teaching methods

Our course gives you a solid foundation of the theory and methodology of Yin Yoga.

You will learn how Yin Yoga poses work along the body’s meridians and about the effects on the biomechanics of the body including how the poses work on the fascia and connective tissues.

You will also explore how Yin Yoga works on deep  energetic levels. And how you can use it to still your mind and balance your emotional body.

Our training will provide you with a clear understanding of the beautiful power of Yin Yoga, in order to deepen your own practice, or/ and to share this with your (future) students.

This training for qualified Yoga teachers, therapists, bodywork professionals and people interested to deepen their own practice will provide you with comprehensive Yin training.  You will gain a thorough understanding of how to use Yin postures to balance the energetic systems of the body. In addition you will learn complementary Qigong and Yang-flows designed to improve strength, agility, and to stimulate the circulatory system of the body.

Small groups, personal attention

We work with small groups up to a max of 16 people. Therefore we can give personal attention to all our trainees. Each trainee has a personal mentor to guide them on their inward journey.


Yoga Alliance® 50 hour – International Recognized Certification for Continuous Education

Our 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is registered with Yoga Alliance® USA. This is an international body which sets international standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

Upon completion of this Yoga teacher training, students will receive a certificate from Viva La Vida Lifestyle for 50 hours of Yin Yoga Training.

Certification with Yoga Alliance:

Our Yin Yoga course is recognized by Yoga Alliance as 50 Hour of continuing training for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). When you are a registered Yoga Teacher you can add the 50 hours to your total hours.

You can use our certificate when you are a Yoga Alliance RYT-200  or RYT-300/RYT-500 Registered Teacher. It counts for 50-hour CEU with Yoga Alliance


Jacky TTC 200

This was the most amazing experience!

The amount of care the teachers gave us was incredible, and they continue to support us to this day. I often think back on this YTT with fond memories.

The training has everything you could ask for – teaching practice from day one, lots of knowledge building, passionate teachers, wonderful people, delicious food, amazing location.

I would recommend this YTT to anyone in a heartbeat.

Jacqui Noel / Australia

It has been one of the best experience of my life.

Teachers are passionate, the place is magic, the food amazing, the energy always positive.

When I first arrived my mind was full of expectations, when I left my body was stronger and my heart was full of unconditional and universal Love.

I really recommend this teacher training course to everybody, it will change your life!

Federica Paletti / Italy

I recently completed the 50 Hour Yin Yoga course in Periana with Ilse and it blew my mind, I didn’t want to go home!

The course was jam packed with goodness – asanas, pranayama, anatomy, physiology, philosophy and so much more! The location was breathtaking and the food was out of this world #yummy.

Jane is a wonderful teacher with so much heart, knowledge, passion and professionalism. Anatomy and physiology was never my strong point but the way Jane explains everything was enjoyable and easier to remember. Thank you Jane for unlocking the anatomy and physiology nerd in me!

There is something magical about Ilse! Ilse is very professional, passionate, caring and knowledgeable.Thank you again Ilse for your love, time and devotion. I am so grateful for crossing paths with you and canny wait to see you soon!!

I am so happy I chose this course and would highly recommend her to everyone! It was the best Yoga course I have been on and I will definitely be going back for more 🙂

Hasta Pronto Guapas x

Danielle Bonita / Yoga Teacher, Spain

“Dear Ilse & Jane,

You have given me a very lovely week. I learned a lot and went through beautiful experiences. Thanks to the attention, love and your knowledge and professionalism, I was able to complete my 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training. Thanks for everything. You are beautiful people. Hope to see you again.”

Julia Verstraeten, Netherlands, MAY 2019

“To the best duo,

Thank you so much for such a perfect week in Spain. Everything has been wonderful, the food, setting and company. Your passion for Yin Yoga has been truly inspirational and I ams so happy to had this experience with you both. You’ve inspired me to dive deeper into my journey to becoming a Yoga teacher and running retreats. Thank you for everything, your love, fun and outgoing characters are brilliant. Never change.

All my love.”

Sophie Dobson, England, MAY 2019

“This has been one of the best weeks of my life!!

Ilse and Jane have a wonderful energy! They both radiate an incredible amount of love and passion, which fills you up with energy and inspiration.

During these 7 days of training I have grown as a person. I learned about myself and gained the confidence and knowledge that I needed to start teaching my own classes.

I am immensely grateful for this experience, for the amount of useful information I learned, for the beautiful people I met, and, especially, for the teachers, Ilse and Jane, who made all this possible. I love you so much! Thank you!!”


— Mireia Beas moix, Spain, MAY 2019


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very passive approach to Yoga where you perform the majority of the poses seated on the floor or laying down.

The poses are held for longer periods of time, sometimes 3 – 5 minutes and in some cases up to 20 minutes. In Yin Yoga there are around 25 classical poses (+ variations).

Yin Yoga evolves into 3 main different levels of understanding, relating to the 3 main aspects of human existence :

On the physical level Yin Yoga targets bones, joints and connective tissues.

On the energetic level the practice reconnects with its roots of Taoist Yoga, and uses the ancient map and modern theory of the meridians, the long holds in Yin restore harmony in the subtle body by targeting the channels that run through the connective tissues.

On the emotional/mental level the Yin approach prepares the practitioner for meditation as one of the central intention of the yin practice is the cultivation of inner stillness.

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, fascia, bones, and the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.


Yin Yoga offers deeper access to the body with the aim of lubricating and protecting the joints to make them healthier and stronger.


Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment to the more yang style of Yoga practice. Yang Yoga practices are vinyasa flow, ashtanga, power Yoga and hatha.

The main difference is that Yin Yoga is very passive with poses being held for longer periods of time.

Another important difference is that in Yin Yoga your muscles need to be relaxed as opposed to engaged, this is so you can work into the deeper layers of the body and move closer to the bone, an area often missed in a yang Yoga practice.

Being a more meditative form of Yoga the benefits affect both body and mind.


Yin Yoga poses stimulate the meridian lines and organs. Different emotions are stored in different places in the body, and when we work through the layers of the body, we work also through the layers of our emotions.

Yin Yoga encourages you to become aware of these stored emotions so you can begin to recognize them and release them.

Benefits of Yin Yoga:

Lubrication and protection of joints

Deeper access to the body through the relaxation of muscles

Improves flexibility

Release of fascia throughout the body

Acupressure massage

Regulates energy in the body

Calming and balancing for the mind


Stress reduction and ability to release anxiety

Overview of the 7 Day Yin Yoga Teacher Course

Content 7 Day Yoga Teacher Training Course

Learn inspiring wisdom teachings about Qi (energy) meridians and Chinese medicine, more about the 5 elements theory. We will do transformative meditations and you will learn how to use mudras.  You will learn about fascia and the yin anatomy and surrender during a sound journey session.

We will have inspirational talks where the Chinese philosophy meets the Indian Yoga philosophy and our modern pathways of awakening.

Our Yin Teacher training in Spain will help you to  dive deeper into stillness,  openness, surrendering, relaxation, acceptance and helps you to find balance in this fast changing world.

You will be guided through the teaching method and sequencing of 25 key poses in Yin Yoga, and variations on these poses. You will have the opportunity for practical teaching experience and will be encouraged to develop your confidence in sharing Yin Yoga with other students during the training .

You will learn postures and teach an asana practice – through a multitude of lectures, discussions, posture exploration, teaching exercises and posture sequencing,

Our curriculum includes the following:

  • 20 hours Yoga technique, training, and practice
  • 10 hours teaching methodology
  • 10 hours anatomy and physiology
  • 10 hours Yoga philosophy

This and more you’ll learn during our Yin Teacher Training:

  • Yin Yoga philosophy & fundamentals of energy.
  • 14 Meridians.
  • Understand Yin Yoga poses & their variations.
  • Energy pathways in the body and how to get them flowing.
  • The secrets of the mind-body connection.
  • The power of your breath.
  •  How to improve your own Yin Yoga practice.
  • How to use the props / support correctly. How to create custom sequences.
  • Target areas of each Yin Yoga poses.
  • Understand the 7 Chakras.
  • Understand Yin Yoga specific Anatomy & Physiology.
  • How to teach a 60-90 minute Yin class to anyone and at any time.
  • How to teach & modify Yin Yoga poses.
  • Additional Restorative Yoga & Qigong sessions.

MODULE History & Philosophy

  • History of Yin Yoga (Modern Lineage of Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga in the ancient scriptures)
  • Philosophy of  Yin Yoga: Yin intentions & The Tattvas of the Yin practice.
    (The principles and qualities of the practice)
  • Inquire into the Taoist Wisdom
  • Yin/Yang Theory (Taoist theory and the principles of Yin and Yang – how they are applied to Yoga)
  • Patañjali analysis of Yoga (“Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah” )
  • 5-Element theory: Water-Wood-Earth-Fire-Metal elements
    (Relation & function of Zhang & Fu organs to each Element)
  • General of Prana  / Qi and  the Meridians/ nadis Chakras, the human energy field.
  • Understand the flow & formation of Qi
    (Qi movement & different type of Qi) Jing/Physical, Qi/Energetic, Shen/Spiritual
  • Understand the 3 layers of the body/ 5 sheets


  • Introduction to the anatomy of the human body as it relates to the asanas. Basic anatomy and physiology (with particular emphasis on respiration, circulation and digestion).
  • Looking at muscular-skeletal system.of the body.
  • Explore the nervous system, knee and hip joints, the pelvis, the spine and other topics.
  • Understand tension & compression
  • Physiological and energetic effects of asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.
  • Study the benefits  and contraindications of the Yin Yoga asanas (Anatomical & energetic benefits and how it can improve your health)
  • Learn about the role of the connective tissues in relation to Yoga practice (Fascia network / Ligaments, Tendons .)
  • Effects of structural and postural alignment on health and wellbeing.
  • Anatomy of the Subtle Body (chi, meridians, nadis, vayus, koshas). Introduction to the subtle bodies: the yogic anatomy of chakras, nadis, vayus and koshas, helping you to more fully understand the process and benefits of Yoga.


  • Practice and learn how to teach the 25 main Yin-Yoga poses safely and confidently.
    (And familiarize yourself with the variations)
  • Learn the transitions poses
  • Practice the meridian series related to the 5 Elements
    (Using Asanas & Chinese meridians theory to revitalize body/organs)
  • Familiarize yourself with meridian tracing
    (Memorize the meridians location)
  • Stimulate the Qi along the Meridians
    Learn the 5 Elements
    (The Taoist & meditative approach of well-being)
  • Cultivation of breath body (Leading towards a tranquil mind)  through Breath work & Pranayama (breathing techniques) for relaxation and awaking the energy body
  • Practice different meditation  and relaxation techniques 
  • Mindfulness in Yin Yoga (including concentration methods and investigation methods). We will practice several Mindfulness methods that you can easily integrate in your life and in your classes.
  • Learn different Mudras and understand when to apply them.
  • We will introduce you in the healing power of Mantras.
  • Relax and enjoy a beautiful Yoga Nidra session,
  • Learn more about the use of Yoga & Essential Oils


  • Knowledge and understanding of the Yin Yoga approach
    (Learn the difference between a Yin “Passive” and a Yang “Dynamic” style of Yoga)
  • Modifications and Safety in Yin Yoga, including the use of props and supports
  • Use the 9 levels of awareness
    (To influence your practice and guide your teaching)
  • Establishing a supportive home practice/daily sadhana
  • Find your unique teaching voice: we will show and discuss different ways on how to teach.
  • Creativity: we will show you how you can work with different themes, what special elements you can include to make your sessions extra special.
  • Sequencing: Acquire the skill of sequencing Yin Yoga (including different body types, ages, injuries and class types) You will learn how to create a Yin class, long or short for a group, for an individual session, or for yourself.


Qigong Session

Flow with Qigong

We will do a session on the art of Qigong. We will discuss the benefits, practice some of the basic posture and the breathing techniques. We will explain how you can integrate these movements in your own class.

Beach or Mountain Excursion

Walking meditation and Yoga in the mountains or on the beach

Depending on the weather and/or location.

We will take you on a walking meditation / silent walk. On top of a beautiful mountain we will do Yoga. You will as well learn how to do this with your own groups.

Yoga Nidra Session

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra— yogic sleep—is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. This state is reached by separating the external awareness of the physical body through various stages. It results in a state where you are asleep with a trace of awareness. It’s a beautiful practice, gaining popularity across the world and ongoing research continues to prove its effectiveness.

The benefits of Yoga Nidra are numerous. It helps people to reduce stress, improve creativity, create focus, gives a deep rest in few minutes, similar to rest after overnight sleep. And people experience rejuvenation at physical and mental level.

Sound Journey or Mantra session

Sound Journey

You can join a very special sound journey with Tibetan and crystal bowls. During the session you will learn more about the sounds, the different type of bowls, the gong and other instruments. Learn more about the power of sound and how it moves emotions, toxines out of your body.

+ get tips how you can use bells or bowls during your own classes. Or we will do a special mantra workshop.

Yin Yoga & Essential Oils

Yoga and Essential Oils

Learn how you can integrate essential oils in your Yoga classes.

We will discuss the use of essential oils in a Yoga class: the benefits, which oils to use and how to apply.


a DAY at the COURSE

Example day:

Sunrise Yoga and meditation 

You will wake up with a cup of tea and some fruit and enjoy the beautiful view over the mountains.

We will start the day with a morning meditation and a nice yin practice.

Hit the books

10 AM – Following breakfast, we dig deep into the training, learning about Yin Yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology and more.

Teaching & practicing

2 PM – After the lunch we will focus more on the practical teaching itself. You will get sessions on how to teach and on alignment. You will practice teaching in small groups.

We will discuss the basics of teaching – learning about various poses, the muscles they open, breath work, and how to help students in and out of the pose. During the afternoon sessions we will as well focus on the creative aspect of  the classes.

Afternoon relaxing practice

5:30 PM – We wind down our day with a relaxed Yoga practice, stretching into delicious Yin poses.

Evening meditation /  workshop or movie night

8 PM – After dinner it’s time to relax and find your center with our daily meditation practice or a special workshop. Some nights we will have a movie night and show a nice documentary.



During the course we stay at ‘Cortijo Las Monjas’, This old cortijo (farm estate) is situated between Periana and Alfarnatejo in the north-east of Málaga Province.  The cortijo is about 600 meters above sea level.

Enjoying outstanding views over the mountains and valley below, this lovingly restored country estate is the ideal place for a Yoga teacher training course.

Cortijo Las Monjas is a farmhouse. The Farm and the  outbuildings are over three hundred years old.

The cortijo has been completely and sympathetically restored and divided up into really nice apartments and studios for two people to share with a bedroom with two twin beds, a bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen, and dining/living area with wood-burning fireplace, terrace or porch. Furthermore they have just renovated and created 2  additional spacious ensuite twin rooms.

The cortijo has a really nice big pool that is open all year around.

There is a beautiful garden with amazing views where will do part of our Yoga sessions. The other sessions we will do in the beautiful recently built Yoga shala of 100m2. The former stall has been transformed in this really amazing sacred Yoga room with floor heating and high ceiling.

Enjoy the beautiful countryside with its extraordinary beauty, and mild climate.  Relax in the peaceful atmosphere, where you will be welcomed as one of the family.




Ilse-Marie Sobering – Yoga and Meditation Teacher E-RYT500

Together with Jeroen Ruijters the Founders of Viva La Vida and an experienced E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher.

Ilse-Marie did several teacher trainings. The advanced 300 hour course she did in an Ashram in India. She is skilled in various Yoga styles and over the years has created her own style by mixing various styles of Yoga. She is teaching Yin & Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Flow, Kundalini en Hatha Yoga. She is an experienced meditation and pranayama teacher. Furthermore she is skilled in Qigong and energy work.  She gives classes and courses in three languages ​​to beginners, advanced students, seniors and children. She is organizing international retreats and courses, gives (master) classes and workshops.

Ilse has a great passion for Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and healthy nutrition. Yoga & meditation had a big impact on her own life. Ilse-Marie: “I live a lot more in the present moment, I can handle stress better and I enjoy the small things in life a lot more. Yoga is for me this still point is this fast changing world.

I have also realized what is important to me and how I can make a positive contribution in my own way. Teaching gives me a lot of energy and I think it’s great to see what positive effect it has on people.

It is beautiful to share your knowledge with others and to do what you really love.

Ilse-Marie Sobering - Yoga Teacher 500 RYT

Jane Bakx, Yoga and Meditation Teacher E-RYT500

Jane is an E-RYT500 Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance certified) from the Netherlands. She lived in Amsterdam for most of her life and worked as a producer in advertising. She practiced Yoga for over 15 years and has been teaching for a few years. After her two Yoga teacher training courses (both in India), she decided to leave her job in advertising and follow her heart and passion for Yoga full time. Since then, she has been teaching and traveling around the world and also organizes retreats. She mainly practices Vinyasa and Yin Yoga herself and sometimes also Ashtanga.

To Jane Yoga is all about making a connection with yourself; with your body, mind and heart. Through Yoga you learn to listen more to your body. The focus in Jane’s classes is mainly on making that connection to yourself and at the same time getting more flexible and strong.

Practical information about the Teacher Training

This course is including

  • Comprehensive in-depth Yoga Teacher Training
  • 50-hour Yoga Alliance certification
  • 7 days of inspiration
  • 6 nights beautiful accommodation (shared or single rooms)
  • Daily 3 vega and organic meals
  • Tea and water
  • Use of Yoga material
  • A personal coach, one of the teachers  will guide you through every step of your training.
  • Comprehensive manual. Our in-depth training manual is an exceptional learning and reference tool for both during and after your training.
  • A special FB-group/ Whatsapp group where we share valuable information
  • A good foundation of  Yin Yoga
  • Daily Yin Yoga practices.
  • Daily meditation, theory, talks and exercises.
  • Relax time, reading and contemplation time.


  • Walking meditation in the mountains or excursion to the beach (depending on location and weather)
  • More about essentials oils & Yoga
  • Qigong session
  • Sound Journey or Mantra workshop
  • Yoga Nidra Session




  • Flight ticket Málaga.
  • A travel or cancellation insurance.
  • Additional activities, personal expenses.
  • Transfer to and from the finca. The shared transfer is 25 euro per person per ride.

Important details

The shared transfer will leave the airport on the starting day around 12:00 -12:30 PM.  The costs is 25 euro per person per ride. If you arrive after this time we can arrange for you a private transfer. Costs will be around 80 Euros for a private transfer.

Checking in is possible from 13:30. We will start with a lunch and introduction.

The check out on the last day is around 12:00. The transfer leaves around 12:00/12:30 back to the airport (for a small additional charge the driver can drop you off in Malaga)

You can buy a cheap flight via Transavia, Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling. Best to book two single tickets.


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Costs of the Yin Yoga Training Course & 7-Day Stay

Costs of the training:

Tuition cost for the intensive training (including VAT and Training Manual) – 850,- euro

For Locals

Are you living close? You can participate in the course and not stay at the location. If you like to eat with us, we charge you a small additional price for the food.

Costs for the training & accommodation & food:

We stay in a beautiful authentic finca. We have several room options.

Options rooms:

  1. Shared twin room ensuite:

You will stay in a shared twin room. You share a room with one other student from the same gender (two beds).

You will stay in a standard room with two beds + a new bathroom. You have a beautiful view from the room.

Room size circa 12 m²

Price shared twin room with private bathroom:1395,-euro

This price is for 7 days training + accommodation,  syllabus, food,  the bonus workshops, use of all facilities,

  1. Shared Studio

You will stay in a shared  studio. You share this studio with one other student from the same gender (two beds). It’s a cozy studio with a little kitchen, table with chairs and two beds and a new bathroom and with a nice terrace and beautiful views.

Room size circa 20/25 m²

Price shared studio with private bathroom:1445,- euro

This price is for 7 days training + accommodation in shared studio,  syllabus, food,  the bonus workshops, use of all facilities.

  1. Shared apartment

Share an apartment with one of the other participants.

The apartments have a bedroom with two beds, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Note: most of the apartments have the possibility to create a separate sleeping area. One person can sleep in the living area and one in the bedroom. You can share a bedroom with two beds or they can place an additional bed in the living area or they have a high quality sofa bed available in some of the apartments.

The apartments have all a little terrace of patio where you can sit.

Training includes the accommodation, training, syllabus, food and the bonus workshops.

The apartments are around 40m2.

Price shared apartment with bathroom: 1495,- per person

This price is for 7 days training + accommodation in apartment, syllabus, food,  the bonus workshops, use of all facilities.

  1. Single room:

Book a single room ensuite. This room has a double bed and a newly furnished bathroom.

Price single room with bathroom: 1595,- euro per person

This price is for 7 days training + accommodation in single room, syllabus, food,  the bonus workshops, use of all facilities.


Reservation and payments:

To reserve your spot we ask you to pay a nonrefundable deposit of 300 Euros. The rest you can pay 6 weeks before the training begins.

NOTE: If you like to pay in parts, that is possible as well. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.



Go to the registration form for The Yin Teacher Training


For who is this course?

Do you want to deepen your Yin Yoga practice?

This course is suitable for those wanting to deepen their understanding  and discover the deep healing power of Yin Yoga – whether as a Yoga teacher or not.

For teachers and non-teachers alike – this experience is a beautiful journey on your path to greater self-awareness and understanding.

For those on the path of a teacher – this course will prepare you to teach and practice safely, successfully and compassionately.

Gain the ability to guide yourself and others through this healing and restorative practice.


This training is for:

  • Yoga practitioners who want to learn about Yin Yoga – how to practice it and teach it
  • Qualified Yoga teachers who want to learn Yin Yoga to expand their scope of teaching
  • Yoga Alliance RYT-200/500 Teachers who are looking for Yoga Alliance CEU hours
  • Yoga studios and Yoga school owners who want to add value to the classes they offer to their clients
  • Yoga Alliance International registered Teachers who have their 300 Hour Yoga Training and want to continue building their hours (eg. 300 Hour + 50 Hour = 350 Hours with Yoga Alliance International)
  • Body Workers or Healers with the intention to use the knowledge to deepen one’s own understanding and practice


It is desirable that you have attended Yoga classes for some time (at least for a few months).

You need to be in good health both physically and mentally. Injuries can be accommodated.

Please email us if you are not sure about your physical or mental abilities:

Suggested book to read

  • The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga (The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga)- Bernie Clarke
Go to the registration form

Why book with us?

There are a lot of Yoga Teacher Training courses on the market. You should choose one that feels good.

We have done several teacher courses in the past and we have learned what we find important in a course.

Down To Earth

We are down to earth yogis that will offer you a professional comprehensive course that we have created with a lot of passion. We have learned so much that we would like to share with you. As for all of us our first teacher training was a big positive turning point in our lives.

Small groups & Personal Attention

You will find a lot of teacher training centers that have courses in huge groups.

We have chosen to work with small groups (16 max.). This creates a nice and intimate setting, were people can feel save and can share their experiences openly.

Working with small groups gives us the opportunity to give you enough attention and personal feedback.

All students will have a personal coach (one of the main teachers) that will help you on your personal journey.


Viva La Vida Yoga Teacher Training:

✓ Acknowledged CEP by Yoga Alliance®

✓ 2 experienced Yoga Teachers & specialized guest teachers

✓ Small groups & personal attention

✓A personal coach

✓ Tools to Change Your Life

✓ 5 Extra Workshops & Activities

✓ Comprehensive Manual

✓ A special FB-group where we share valuable information

✓ Stay at a breathtaking location in Spain



Frequently asked questions

How advanced should my own practice be?

It is advisable that you have experience with Yoga for at least 6 months.

What will I be able to teach after the course?

If you are a Yoga teacher already you will be able to teach Yin Yoga after this course.

How do we get certified?

During the course we will see how you participate during the sessions.

You are required to attend all sessions (unless ill) and participate in all exercises. We ask you to be on time.

You will be required to teach a 60 minute  Yin class by the end of the training, but don’t worry, you will be well prepared to do that when the time comes.

Can you fail for the course?

We will help you from the first day to gain confidence. Therefore we will let you practice from day one. Slowly will will work on teaching a whole class.

If you do your best, join the sessions, do the tests and answer the questions you will not fail.

You will have a personal coach supporting you on your journey. If at anytime you feel insecure, or things don’t go the way you would have hoped we will be there to support and help you.

Does this program meet the international standards?


Our program is approved by Yoga Alliance®.


Book now for The Yin Teacher Training

Are you interested in joining us?

Would you like to join our Yin Yoga Teacher Training course?

But you would like to have some more information?

You can always contact the lead teacher Ilse-Marie Sobering via WhatsApp (see button on this page right) or via Telephone: +34 622 390 649 (Ilse-Marie).

You can also send us an email via or leave us a message via the form below

Warm regards,

The Viva La Vida Team


Viva La Vida

Who created Viva La Vida? We are a Dutch family who decided 5 years ago, to go on an adventure in the beautiful Andalusia. We first planned to go for a year, but we enjoyed it so much that we decided to stay here for a longer period.

We, Jeroen and Ilse-Marie, and our two daughters Elise-Sophie and Ana Rosa, have found a pretty old cortijo in an incredibly beautiful area.

We are very enthusiastic about the area and like to share it with other people. We organize Yoga retreats, courses and Yoga & walking holidays all year round at the most beautiful places in Andalusia. We really enjoy to create a special program for you. We try to give our retreats and courses something extra. We bring you to beautiful places and organise special activities, hikes and workshops.