Mantra for purification – OM BENZA SATTO HUNG – 108 times

Purification – OM Benza Satto Hung

OM BENZA SATTO HUNG by Deva Premal & The Gyuto Monks of Tibet – Purification

The mantra “OM Benza Satto Hung” is a very strong mantra that you can chant in order to purify yourself.

Meaning: I invoke the supreme purifying and protecting power of Universal Mind.

The vibration of this powerful Tibetan Buddhist mantra opens the gateway between heart & mind, and supports us in keeping our intentions clear, with determination and single-pointedness.

It releases us from negative karmic patterns.

Text: OM BENZA SATTO HUNG (108 times)

The mantra starts with blessings from Tibetan Monks and after a while Deva Premal starts chanting the mantra. I really love this mantra. It is very powerful and makes you feel really peaceful.This version is circa 5 min.

Photo of Nick_H via Pixabay



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