Trendy Yoga Wear from Urban Goddess

We all love yoga! But how difficult is it to find nice and trendy yoga wear!

This yoga wear from the hip Dutch brand Urban Goddess does wonders for your figure due to the comfortable wide band around your waist.

Because of the flexible bands, their yoga pants are as well very suitable for pregnant yoga ladies!

And it is all fair & eco friendly! Their yoga wear is made from organic cotton.All their yoga clothes is very soft.

But the best thing is that even that they used organic cotton it is still an afordable price.

Urban Goddess has been inspired by the traditional yoga wear, but they gave their yoga fashion a hip & urban feel. We are impressed!

In our webshop you will find yoga tops, a yoga wrap vest and yoga leggings, long pants, harem pants and capri pants.


Have a look at our lookbook





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