Interview Andrea Molnar – Graduated Student Viva La Vida Yoga TTC 200 hours


We are organizing our Yoga Teacher Training Courses for a few year now. But who are the people participating in our courses? And what are our Viva La Vida Yoga Teachers doing now? We introduce you to Andrea.

Name: Andrea Molnar
Age: 44 years old
From: Hungarian

Why did you decide to go to a Yoga TTC?

When I lost my job I started to do yoga daily which really helped me stay balanced as well as not becoming too depressed.I felt a lot of improvement in my strength and flexibility and began to feel more pain free.

I used to have really tight back muscles from being a professional gymnast. I have been a gymnastics coach and choreographer since 1996 and loved my job but I decided I would like become a yoga instructor. I felt so good doing yoga that I wanted to help others feel that as well.

Why did you choose Viva La Vida?

I did a lot of research before I find Viva La Vida but when I did immediately got a good feeling about the place. I loved their beautiful location( pictures ),the descriptions of the course,and the fact that they have small groups. I looked at many places that had quite large classes. (20-30people or more)

What did you like most of the TTC and what made it special?

There are a lot of things I liked about the course. I really enjoyed the yoga classes,lectures and workshops. I was learning so much every single day. It was really easy to talk to all of our teachers and get help if we needed it.

They also gave us a lot of feedback and attention.
Of course the place was absolutely gorgeous surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature.

Everyone who worked there was so warm hearted and friendly and the food was so delicious and healthy.

What impact had the TTC on your life?

It quickly became clear that I would like to teach yoga, so soon as I arrived home I find a small yoga studio through google search and called them to rent it out for the following Saturday. I invented some of my older gymnasts ( age 13-17) ,my co workers and 2 random person from the train. ( I take a train to work 3 times a week)I had 12 people in my first yoga class.

What do you do now? How did you implement it in your life?

I still teach gymnastics and choreograph. I teach yoga couple times a week and also run workshop once or twice a months. I created my own business it’s called Andrea Molnar Yoga. I rent out a small studio space here in Oslo. I already have some regular clients. I also try to put some yoga into my gymnasts work out. I am currently designing a yoga workout for gymnasts as well as a workshop to accompany it. I am holding my first wellness retreat with a friend of mine in March. I love teaching yoga and also practicing it. It helps me to be more relaxed and balanced in the competitive gymnastics world.

Future plans

I would love to open a yoga studio one day. Right now my husband and I are thinking to open our small gym for children’s gymnastics and I could also teach yoga for the parents.( My husband is also a gymnastics coach.)

Facebook @ andreamolnaryoga

Instagram- andreamolnaryogainoslo


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