VIDEO 2 Minutes – Systematic Relaxation Technique for Instant Calm

Systematic Relaxation Technique for instant calm.

This short and very simple relaxation technique I learned during one of the hypnotherapy courses that I followed.
This technique I have learned from Paul Mckenna, one of the most well know hypnotherapist of this moment.
It is so easy that after following the instructions once, you can just do it by yourself during those times you feel you need a quick mini break to come to yourself.
This exercise works really good when you are feeling nervous, or when you are feeling overwhelmed or even angry.
It brings you very quickly from a (high)beta brainwave state to a more relaxed alpha state.

Instructions Systematic Relaxation Technique

Use your most comfortable relaxed voice, as if telling yourself a bedtime story.

Simply say each of the following to yourself as you follow your own instructions:

  • Now I relax my eyes
  • Now I relax my jaw
  • Now I relax my tongue
  • Now I relax my shoulders
  • Now I relax my arms
  • Now I relax my hands
  • Now I relax my chest
  • Now I relax my stomach
  • Now I relax my thighs
  • Now I relax my calves
  • Now I relax my feet
  • Now I relax my mind.

Pause for a little while to notice the feelings and then, if you wish, repeat it.

Stay with this feeling as long as you wish. You will be able to return to full waking consciousness, refreshed, and alert, as soon as you are ready.

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