VIDEO: 5 Element Breath for Relaxation – 7 min exercise to Calm your Mind

5 Element Breath Anti-Stress and Relaxation

Relax, breathing your natural breath.

Take circa 5 breaths for each element, or longer.

Earth: Inhale nose, exhale nose
Qualities: nurturing, solidity.
Movement: spreading horizontally.

Water: Inhale nose, exhale mouth
Qualities: fluidity, purifying, giving life.
Movement: downwards.

Fire: Inhale mouth, exhale nose.
Qualities: enthusiasm, transmutation.
Movement upward.

Air: Inhale and exhale mouth
Qualities: freedom, releasing from constructs, cosmic identity.
Movement zig-zag.

Ether: Very fine breath inhaling and exhaling through the nose
Qualities: ‘emotion of the soul’. Peace. Unity.
Movement: stillness.

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