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Roots Mala – Meditation Necklace – Boho


Beautiful and unique handmade meditation necklace.

Eco & Fair
Number of beads: 108, hand knotted
Hanging length: about 51 cm
Rudraksha size: 7 mm

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Roots mala – unique handmade meditation necklace

Roots mala

The powerful ‘Roots Mala’ consists of our unique Rudraksha, combined with Leopard Skin and Lava stones. A large Lava pendant is use above a brown tassel.

Rudraksha: Offers the wearer peace, clarity and direction. Provides cooling to the body. Protects against negative forces and thoughts. Sacred in many cultures. Named the ?tears of Shiva?. The smaller Rudraksha are the rarest and the most strong in energy.

Leopard Skin: Strengthens intuition and creativity. Eases situations of hopelessness. Helps finding solutions.

Lava: A stone of strength and fertility. Use by American Indian when entering battle for strength and clarity. Gives stability (physical and mental) when facing difficult situations. A very grounding stone.

This unique piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade by Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali. Our products* are authentic, sustainably harvested, fairly traded and ethically produced.

*they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer.

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