How To Create Your Own Bohemian Garden Dinner

Create Your Own Bohemian Garden

It’ s easy to create your own little hippy chic paradise. Use your creativity and experiment with the decoration.

Some inspiration and tips!

Time for a long dinner

Do you get friends or family over for dinner? Create this cozy look by combining different old furniture pieces. Use a long table or several old tables.


Bohemian garden

Mix & match.

To create a “boho” look you can combine different type of glasses, cuttery and plates. Use old (jam) pots for original water glasses, candle lights or vases.

Place wild flowers on the tables and dress the trees up with original old lamps, candle light or lampions.

Cover the table with old fashioned table cloths.


Some great ideas to create your own boho garden dinner:

1. Love these different coloured glasses, the flowers in old jam pots and the different chairs!

Bohemian garden with flowers

2. Cool idea to use these lamps as a kind of huge lampions. Great effect! I like the “dinner room outside” idea with the little cabinet.

Boho Chic Dinner Table

3. Dress the trees up with small Chrismas lights.


Bohemian Garden Ideas

4. Very creative to use this wood to hold this beautiful lamp.

Bohemian Garden Ideas

5. Nice effect with the rug and pillows. Gives an earthy natural feel.

Hippy & Boho garden

6. Beautifully decorated with these handmade festoons and the old fashioned table cloth.

Bohemian Garden Ideas






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